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Category: Opinion

Speaking for the Animals: In the beginning … Animal welfare in Idyllwild …

Editor’s note: We’re introducing a new column today. “Speaking for the Animals” by Shela Boynton will appear in the fourth issue of each month. She will focus on pets, but won’t be limited to just these animals. The request: Write a monthly column about animals. The challenge: Write something that people will want to read, […]

Outside Idyllwild: The autumn leaves, part 2 …

Last week I talked about the 10 essentials and preparing for the fall hiking season. Although the 10 essentials are necessary for year round hiking, the fall and winter seasons obviously require additional equipment. We covered emergency bags and rain gear last week and next up are insulation layers. Last Sunday was another example of […]

Opinion: Proposition 37

Isn’t it time we knew more about what is in our food? We label fats, sugars, proteins, and much else that we care about. There is no difference between these considerations and identifying genetically modified content in our food. Monsanto, the largest manufacturer of genetically modified organisms, has mounted a well-funded disinformation campaign to attack […]

Past Tense: Oct. 25, 2012

Past Tense: Oct. 25, 2012

65 years ago – 1947 Town Crier wound up its first year of publication, written, mimeographed and mailed from the Maxwell home. News was brought right to the front door as the Maxwells did not have a telephone.   60 years ago – 1952 Disaster struck an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. James Bowlin, when […]

Opinion: Paris the Cat

Paris the cat goes to Colorado! Very soon Paris, the ARF Cattery Ambassador, will be living in Colorado. Paris and her family appreciate you all for your community support. Paris will be missing her ARF family, but will keep in touch. She has enjoyed all that Mayor Max had done in short amount of time […]

Opinion: Good call, TC

Thank you for choosing not to publish the viscous letter that arrived in everyone’s mailbox today. Weeding out uninformed inflammatory nonsense from the “Readers Write” column shows respect for your readership and makes our town a nicer place. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Jessica Schiffman Idyllwild Editor’s note: The issues raised in the […]

Another Point of View: Vote yes on Measure U

We spend lots of money on our schools. We do it because we believe education will improve our society. But as you drive down Florida Avenue (in Hemet), you’ll quickly realize there is something seriously wrong with our society at a local level. And it may seem our schools are doing little to help. Perhaps, […]

Creature Corner: Oct. 25, 2012

Creature Corner: Oct. 25, 2012

Barely 6 months old, Baby Girl Faith was found curled up in a ball, outside in the cold, shivering and close to death. Every rib in her body was visible. She spent almost a week in the hospital because she had parvo and was left to die. Baby Girl Faith has a foster home now […]

Today’s Health Issues: Changes in medicine …

I thought it would be best to alternate my health columns between policy issues affecting health care and pressing health care problems affecting all of us. From the beginning of the human race, mankind had to deal with diseases. Infectious diseases were the most common threat to humans. This was made more serious by the […]

Outside Idyllwild: The autumn leaves: Part 1 …

Fall is once again upon us. In Idyllwild, autumn is when the wind blows hot one day and cold the next or visa versa. It can be sunny and warm or sunny and cold or cloudy and colder like it was last week. One day you are freezing in long pants and a jacket. The […]

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