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Category: Opinion

Outside Idyllwild: Photographing birds; it’s harder than I thought …

Outside Idyllwild: Photographing birds; it’s harder than I thought …

We live in a place that is filled with bird life. You can’t go outside your door without seeing all manner of avian species. They are in the air, in the trees and on the ground; yet unless you are lucky or have the right equipment it is not easy getting a good photograph of […]

Initial Thoughts: What makes Idyllwild unique …

The Third Annual Lemon Lily Festival was last weekend. What a success! The Festival’s popularity and reputation has grown each year. This is true of the much bigger and well known Jazz in the Pines Festival, which is on the eve of its 19th annual production. The success of these festivals and Idyllwild’s winter fest […]

Opinion: Guns 2

Gun control? No. How about criminal control? The looney in Colorado will get a trial. When convicted he’ll get an automatic appeal. Then there’ll be another and another. He’ll quite probably die of old age in prison. Instead we need to come down hard and fast on this class of criminal. One trial with a […]

Fire and Forest: 'Citizen of the Year' and other lessons from the Woodies …

Fire and Forest: ‘Citizen of the Year’ and other lessons from the Woodies …

The Woodies are the rock stars of California fire safe councils.   As the volunteer arm of the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council, they abate homes and cut and split firewood for those in need. People driving past the HELP Center on a Friday morning have probably noticed a very busy group of people in […]

Opinion: Guns 1

First, let me say that I don’t own a gun, and I’m not suggesting that gun ownership be unregulated. Little kids shouldn’t be allowed to drive cars. People like me shouldn’t be allowed to buy rat poison. And even good folks shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns without there being restrictions. I make no excuses […]

Opinion: The final word

If there is one thing I can say, it is that we are grateful for all the support and positive energy everyone has given us here at INK Book Gathering. We appreciate it more than we can say. We cannot condone the negative things being said, all we can do is support the freedom of […]

Opinion: Rebuttal

Are the negative, character-assasinating comments about Eduardo Santiago being posted or printed in our paper? I surely hope not. It would set a terrible precedent for anyone to name-call (“Leave your L.A. ego in L.A.”) or give misinformation (“Hardly anyone in attendance bought books”). I attended all series events and two times the bookstore ran […]

Opinion: Argument

I want to send a big thank-you to Julie Johnson for opening her wonderful store, INK Book Gathering, to Idyllwild Authors Series. I was shocked by moderator Eduadro Santiago who blatantly overlooked the fact that the series was a collaboration between himself, INK and the attending authors. It was not a one man show, and […]

Before Our Time: Two early and longtime Idyllwild fore-fathers …

Frank Strong and George Dickinson get relatively little attention as pioneer developers in Strawberry Valley. Unlike George Hannahs, Walter Lindley or Claudius Lee Emerson, they were based in Los Angeles, and neither one resided here or took an active part in day-to-day management of their holdings on the Hill. Still, their influence was substantial. It […]

Opinion: A conductor’s comments

Yes, it is true that the noise from the playground was loud and distracting for us, especially during the quieter pieces. I am at a loss to understand why the playground was placed right next to the stage. I assume space was an issue. However, I would like to suggest that the play area be […]

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