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Category: Opinion

Another Point of View: CSA 38 grateful for IFPD ambulance service

In light of the recent position of Idyllwild Fire Protection District regarding the pending cancellation of our ambulance contract, the members of CSA 38 would like to express our sincere thanks to the Board of Supervisors, Riverside County Fire Department, Economic Development Agency and the Riverside EMS Authority for recent efforts to provide uninterrupted paramedic ambulance service to residents, visitors and property owners of the mountain plateau communities including Pine Cove. We recognize the difficulty of this task and are aware of the herculean efforts taking place by our government officials. Please know that it is appreciated by all of us.

Sustainability: A year of implementing new programs at Idyllwild Arts …

We have talked a lot this year at Idyllwild Arts about sustainability, and we have achieved measurable successes. We discovered through this event, and in our work on other projects this year, that sustainability is a rallying cry for community; it is an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate a constant that keeps us connected.

Opinion: Community garden democracy

On the Hill, there are already several community gardens. In small portions of Idyllwild, residents having banded together with common purpose to grow “organic” food for the benefit of those who plant and nurture these gardens. A “government” garden, paid for by community tax money, must make itself available to the wishes of the informed […]

Opinion: Re: Further fabrications

I really don’t have that good of an imagination to fabricate all the stuff I wrote about. I got it from the president of County Service Area 38, a CSA 38 board member, and the CSA 38 secretary, the information disseminated at CSA 38 meetings and IFPD meetings, and a member of the CSA-IFPD negotiation […]

Creature Corner: April 26, 2012

Creature Corner: April 26, 2012

The sign in the yard read “Doggie Heaven.” The heavy scent of urine and constant barking said “Please, help us.” And we did. Choking back tears, hearts breaking and at times gasping for air, we strived to make a difference. Among 25 plus dogs and cats living in horrid, unhealthy conditions, every bark only meant […]

Past Tense: April 26, 2012

Past Tense: April 26, 2012

45 years ago – 1967 County Supervisors approved a request from the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce for the relocation of butane space heaters at the Town Hall. 40 years ago – 1972 Mrs. Iva Lee Bowen, of Idyllwild, was killed in a head-on collision with a California Highway Patrol car on Lamb’s Canyon Road between […]

Opinion: Explorer Post is good news

It’s great to hear the good news about the Explorer Post at Anza Fire Station 29. What a positive investment in youth. These young firefighters will have a great experience and training of a lifetime. How wonderful for Pine Cove Fire Station 23 to have this program soon. Jennifer Adamson Idyllwild

Opinion: Earth Day and a modest proposal

So I went to our dump, or transfer station, Sunday, as I need to every week or two, for a family of two that lives here full time. And, as I always do, I put our garbage bag in the dumpster first, then grabbed, as I always do, a handful of recyclables (only from the […]

Opinion: What goes around comes around

In the Town Crier’s April 19 edition, an article titled “May Valley Closure” caught my eye. It described “old road beds” which were used for hiking, horseback and mountain biking as being now closed. It said these “old unclassified trails” in the May Valley area are now being closed to all, due to erosion because […]


Outside Idyllwild: Hopscotch …

Last week turned out to be another one of those weird, and yet normal for the Hill, weather weeks that we seem to get every spring.

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