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Category: Opinion

Science and Reality Today: Who needs superheroes when you have nature? …

Last week my roommate and I were having another one of our deep philosophical discussions about what superpowers would be the coolest to have. My roommate, being an X-Men fanatic, went with Wolverine’s power to regenerate and heal. Personally, having grown up reading Marvel Comics as well, I was always envious of Magneto’s ability to […]

Tax Tips: People get ready, tax season’s a comin’

About this time of year, we begin to collect all the information we will need to properly file our income tax returns. Since it’s been a year, I have listed below some of the items you will want to look for. Your employer is required to send you your W2 forms by Jan. 31. You […]

Reader’s Write: Taking my Realtor business elsewhere

I have recently read the unsigned letter from the members of the Idyllwild Association of Realtors. I have to say I strongly disagree. The news printed in your newspaper is, first and foremost, for the residents of Idyllwild. News that is important to this community, whether good or bad, belongs on the front page, not […]

Off the Main Roads: Hiking gear, time to retire? …

It’s supported you loyally throughout the years, but bringing worn-out gear into the back country can do you far more harm than good. Here’s a quick guide for when to replace key gear. Boots: Your boots should be allowed to go hike the great trail in the sky when: Your soles wear thin and smooth. […]

Reader’s Write: Puff pieces on the front page

The realty board letter peaked my interest. I like to read good news as well as anyone, but Idyllwild is not Disneyland. This is a real community with a real newspaper with real news. I know sometimes the folk from down below think it is Disneyland, walking down the center of the streets and stopping […]

Creature Corner: Jan. 16, 2014

Creature Corner: Jan. 16, 2014

Found on the Ernie Maxwell Trail: an adult neutered male German shepherd with no chip, collar or tag. Well groomed. Yep, I’m Scrappy Doo. And it’s a good thing because a human abandoned me in the ARF yard one chilly day. So I had to learn really fast how to be a scrapper. I am […]

Reader’s Write: Realtors’ letter offends off-Hiller

I support the Town Crier’s efforts and placement within the paper to keep all of us informed about the facts and realities in Idyllwild — the good stories as well as the bad. Keep up the good work, and keep things as they are. It is not just for the tourists to know what is […]

Past Tense: Jan. 9, 2014

Past Tense: Jan. 9, 2014

65 years ago – 1949 A cold snap brought a high of 30 degrees and a low of 7 degrees one day, freezing pipes and Mrs. Eric Holm’s breath on her coat. Emax reported that even the squirrels were shivering 60 years ago – 1954 The California Public Utilities Commission approved Idyllwild Water Company’s request […]

Reader’s Write: Rose Parade draws tourists to Hill

One of the reasons we come to Idyllwild over New Year’s is perhaps the strangest you may have ever heard. Besides for the fresh air, quiet, fun stores, restaurants and shops, it is to watch the Rose Parade. All San Diego-area cable companies eliminated KTLA Channel 5 from their cable line-up years ago. (Too much […]

Out Loud: An Idyllwild treasure …

In the interview in this week’s issue (page 11) with new Park Interpreter Jyoti Kintz, she mentioned that more people are coming to the Nature Center since the Town Crier opened the Visitors Center. The Nature Center is one of the best places to visit in Idyllwild, I think, and we like sending people of […]

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