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Category: Opinion

Initial Thoughts: We need and need to know about IFPD …

On Monday, I received a question which is below. I responded and asked the writer if she wanted it printed as a letter to the editor. She replied, “Yes, print that as a letter, but only if you give the … reply to the readers that you also gave to me.” So, I’ve printed the […]

Creature Corner: Jan. 19, 2012

Creature Corner: Jan. 19, 2012

Several four-leggeds decided to venture out on their own this weekend, and most have been reunited. Paws up to Sammy the Rhodesian ridgeback mix, Shelby the black Lab, Truffles the Rottie mix, Susie the blonde Lab and Tank the Lab/pit puppy.

Past Tense: Jan. 19, 2012

Past Tense: Jan. 19, 2012

65 years ago – 1947 There were 300 families living year-round in the area. 60 years ago – 1952 Movie shows at Hillbilly Lodge ended as the Froelichs worked to complete their new Rustic Theatre. 55 years ago – 1957 Hill folk living beside Strawberry Creek reported hearing a strange noise following the heavy rain. […]

Opinion: Hail to the chief!

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, I attended an open pubic meeting at the Idyllwild Fire Department. I was there to show my support for former Chief Norm Walker. I believe he can do his job at the Idyllwild Fire Department. He has compassion and strength and high energy to get the mission done. Give him his […]

Opinion: Public health, safety and benefit

Private fire, water, ambulance and recreation departments on this mountain funded with property tax dollars, no way! As it stands now, they are filled with private agendas for self-gain and controlled or manipulated by “volunteers.” Public oversight means the administration by highly qualified personnel with transparent budgets and daily operations. And, yes, the power of […]

Opinion: Watch out!

We all agree that Fire Chief Walker was a tremendous asset. We all know he upgraded and greatly improved our emergency preparedness. We all agree Pete Capparelli and his commissioners over the last two years brought us to almost financial ruin. We voted President Pete out of office, they fired Chief Walker. Capparelli snuck back […]

Lola’s Kitchen: Recipe clippings …

Everyone has one drawer in the kitchen, (not the junk drawer) filled with recipe clippings. OK, maybe just women do, never having met a man who admitted to cutting recipes out of magazines. Some of my clippings are very old and splattered with who knows what. At one point, I tried organizing everything to no […]

Initial thoughts: The community is part of the solution for IFPD …

Is the Idyllwild Fire Protection District suffering from a financial crisis? Is it or is it not approaching insolvency? If IFPD were fiscally healthy, most reasonable people would have to ask “How?”. Every other level of government — federal, state, county and school district — is facing an imbalance between its revenues and expenses. Larger […]

Tax Tips: Do you need a tax preparer?

Editor’s note: “Tax tips” returns and will appear bi-weekly throughout tax season. Stephen T. Peppler, E.A., C.F.P., has graciously agreed to provide the tax information to our readers. This time of year we begin to get our records together and make plans for filing our taxes. Whether to complete them on your own or seek […]

Opinion: Response to IFPD Commissioner Schelly

I’m writing this letter because I feel compelled to correct some of the erroneous statements Commissioner Schelly made in his highly critical letter to the editor which appeared in the Town Crier’s Jan. 5 issue. For starters, Schelly said, “Mr. Killingsworth is all too aware that under his watch as treasurer the audits were missing […]

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