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Initial Thoughts: IFPD budget problems “Normal”?

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved an advance of the Idyllwild Fire Protection District’s (IFPD) property taxes on a short-term loan. But trying to blame someone will not make the problem disappear. I’ve heard some people say former Commissioner Ben Killingsworth should have prevented the shortfall. While Ben may have been district treasurer, he […]

Off the Leash: Are fear and love motivation or purpose?

Is it better to be feared or loved? This question was posed by Machiavelli in his book “The Prince” back in the 1500s. The question possesses both political and religious ramifications. As a lifelong Christian, I’ve often wrestled with this schizophrenic notion of God. On one hand, we have the demanding and wrathful God found […]

Chief’s Corner: About fall …

I wrote a similar column about this time last year but the message is still very important to your individual safety, your home and the community in general. After 39 years in the fire suppression business, I still can’t predict fire season exactly and I’ve never met anyone who can. However there are a few […]

Verizon expands bandwidth in Idyllwild area

Verizon, local telephone and Internet provider, plans to expand bandwidth in the Idyllwild area but will not bring its FiOs (bundled high definition TV, upgraded Internet speed, and digital voice calling) service to the area, according to Jarryd Gonzales, California media relations manager. “From a FiOs standpoint, it would require a significant upgrade to the […]

County corner: Oct. 20, 2011

The Board of Supervisors considered a resolution to make local campaign finances more transparent and consistent with state law. John Benoit, 4th District supervisor and also a former state assemblyman and state senator, proposed a resolution that would require candidates or their campaign committees to file the currently required reports online, rather than as a paper document.

County has $21 million and 5,000 inmates coming

Riverside County’s Corrections Partnership committee met last week and allocated the $21.8 million from the state to implement the new statewide policy realigning felon imprisonment. The County Sheriff’s Department, which will have to accommodate an additional 5,700 inmates, was granted $10.1 million. The Probation Department, whose workload will also significantly increase, was granted $5.7 million, […]

CSA 36 hears about recreation staff and activities

CSA 36 hears about recreation staff and activities

The October County Service Area (CSA) 36 meeting was a backdrop to the introduction of Director GeGe Beagle’s recreation staff. In addition, Beagle described the future programs and the community response to the initial programs offered in August. Beagle now has a preschool teacher, Rebecca Odum, and her aid, Kelly Wills, who continues on at […]

Hardy joins Idyllwild Chamber board

Continuing its upward trend, the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce voted to add Creek House co-owner Lanny Hardy to its board of directors. Hardy and wife Lorraine have owned the iconic restaurant since July and have expanded both the menu and hours of operation, adding a lunch hour. Lanny’s background is in nonprofit business management, a […]

Volunteers helm skate park reopening

The Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC) reopened the Idyllwild Skate Park (ISP) with volunteers at the helm. Insurance on the park has been paid, but lacking funds to hire a park manager, a number of volunteers have agreed to help assure its continuation for local boarders, according to Claudia Posey, skate park volunteer coordinator. Currently, […]

Anza continues pursuit of water study

Anza continues pursuit of water study

For many years, residents of the Anza valley have struggled with the question of water adequacy and ownership. Residents of the largely undeveloped valley acknowledge that further development and population growth are predicated on knowing how much water is available. The 2005 Anza Valley Vision and Goals Statement developed by the community in a yearlong […]

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