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Incumbent Forst says kids must come first

Incumbent Forst says kids must come first

Marilyn Forst, 12-year incumbent on the Hemet Unified School District board, taught for 37 years in the district and believes that students must come first. Forst is the current board vice president and believes as one of three educators serving on the board, she will continue to focus on what she sees as the district’s […]

Proposition 37 calls for labeling of genetically modified food

Proposition 37 proposes to require food manufacturers to disclose on packaging whether food has been entirely or partially produced through genetic engineering. It also seeks to prevent any foods with genetically modified ingredients from being labeled or advertised as “natural,” “naturally made,” “naturally grown,” or “all natural.” All foods using those branding terms would have […]

Proposition 31 seeks to change state budgetary process

Proposition 31, titled “The California Performance and Accountability Act,” seeks to make constitutional changes in the state budgetary process. Proponents claim the changes will make the state budget process more accountable to constituents and more efficient. The measure would also provide flexibility for local governments to modify how they implement state-funded programs and regulations. A […]

Proposition 38, one of two new tax proposals to fund education

Proposition 38, Tax to Fund Education and Early Childhood Programs, financed largely by L.A. lawyer Molly Munger, is one of two initiatives that proposes to raise taxes to fund education. The other, Proposition 30, is Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal. Both cannot pass since each contains language that only the measure with the greatest number of […]

School board backs Proposition 30

School board backs Proposition 30

Last week, Hemet Unified School District directors confronted two separate state budget issues. Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-64) addressed the board about his legislation to abolish deferring state educational payments. Later the board reconsidered and approved its support for Proposition 30, which would increase state revenues.   Nestande asked the board to support his proposal for […]

Proposition 35 increases penalties for human traffickers

Little opposition has coalesced around Proposition 35, an initiative statute that increases penalties for human trafficking in California. From the middle of July through Sept. 13, support for Proposition 35 has hovered above 80 percent, according to survey conducted by the California Business Roundtable. Proposition 35 defines more crimes related to the creation and distribution […]

Proposition 40, redistricting, when ‘No’ means ‘Yes’

Propositions on California ballots are often confusing. With misleading titles and convoluted wording, Proposition 40 does nothing to alleviate that confusion. Proposition 40 is an attempt to use California’s referendum process to redraw the new state Senate boundaries. The Citizens Redistricting Commission is the body now responsible for drawing those boundaries. California Senate and Assembly […]

Proposition 39: Changes in computation of multistate corporation tax

The amount of money a business owes California in corporate income taxes each year is based on the business’ taxable income. Beginning in 2013, Proposition 39, if approved, would change existing law to require multistate businesses to calculate their California income tax liability based solely on the percentage of their sales in California, what is […]

Proposition 33: Insurance fairness or new rate hike opportunity?

Editor’s note: Once again it’s the season when California voters exercise their right to govern directly. Using the state’s initiative process, 11 measures have qualified for the November ballot. Some seem simple, but reading the proposition text can uncover what the title or summary may not fully disclose. The Town Crier will summarize each of […]

Lawmakers send pension change legislation to Gov.

On Friday, Aug. 31, the state Legislature sent Gov. Jerry Brown legislation (Assembly Bill 340) modifying public sector pensions. Most of the changes will affect new employees beginning Jan. 1, 2013; however, some of the changes will affect current employees. “With strong bipartisan support, the state Legislature today passed the biggest rollback of public pensions […]

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