This group of witches, warlocks, devil, angels and bunnies were seen strolling down the street during the Halloween parade in 1983. file photo

70 years ago - 1948

Hazel Cress was made an honorary fireman as a result of serving as a former Idyllwild Fire commissioner and for helping secure a new fire engine.

65 years ago - 1953

A good crowd in holiday spirit and all stages of dress and undress frolicked their way through the Lion-sponsored Halloween dance at the Idyllwild Inn.

60 years ago - 1958

Arnold Cellicion, 32,  driver of a Jeep involved in a three-car collision west of Mountain Center the prior month, pleaded guilty to a felony drunk driving charge.

55 years ago - 1963

Gordon Cologne, state assemblyman from District 74, was to speak at Town Hall on “Results of 1963 Legislation and Prospects for the Future.”

50 years ago - 1968

Richard Barclay of Big Cedar Glen and disaster chair of the Los Angeles Red Cross chapter was named to head the eight-county Southern California Red Cross Mutual Aid Disaster Committee for the coming year.

45 years ago - 1973

The Parents Club of Idyllwild School decided to hold a Halloween carnival outside on the school grounds. The hit was a Haunted House in which about 500 students giggled and screamed their way through.

40 years ago - 1978

Between $850,000 and $1 million was needed to finance a new water tank for Fern Valley State Water District. President Don Keep said the district was considering a special assessment to fund the 3-million-gallon tank.

35 years ago - 1983

Researcher Linus W. Heydon Jr., a consultant to the San Diego Region Water Reclamation Agency, was to speak at the Idyllwild Water District office about the “Rootspace System” of wastewater purification.


30 years ago - 1988

Former Idyllwild resident and pioneer Helen Cross died in Hemet at age 97. She was a retired teacher who built a home on the Hill in the 1920s.

25 years ago - 1993

Pine Cove resident Kevin Turner was appointed interim battalion chief for the CDF/Riverside County Fire for the Hill in place of Chief Jim Reeder who had taken a voluntary transfer to the Tulare Ranger Unit.

20 years ago - 1998

Paul Gonzalez, 14, of Idyllwild, was sentenced to 10 years in a California Youth Authority for the shooting death of schoolmate Anthony Tourdot, 10, also of Idyllwild.

15 years ago - 2003

Kelly Tufo, 32, of Anza, and David Kellogg, 41, of San Diego, fell to their deaths while climbing on Tahquitz Rock.

10 years ago - 2008

Retired teacher Lou Padula of Pine Cove attended Hot Dog University in Wisconsin as a birthday gift from his wife, Annamarie. She had seen an interview on CBS TV’s “Sunday Morning” with HDU proprietor and sole teacher Mark Reitman, PhD (Professor of hot Dogs).

5 years ago - 2013

Hemet High School girl athletes, of which several were from Idyllwild, took top honors, earning 15 points for winning three championship trophies in the California Interscholastic Federation, Southern Section. The Hemet High girls won the CIF titles in volleyball, softball and water polo.

1 year ago - 2017

The Associates of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation  presented “Love Letters,” a play by A.R. Gurney starring Wendie Malick and Dan Lauria.