Pet Obituary: Springwood’s Spirit of Kula

She bounded into our life amidst sadness and immediately won our hearts. We knew, from the start, this little “spirit of gold” … “Kula” is the Hawaiian word for “gold” or “yellow” … was not just any puppy. It didn’t take long for her to catch up with our 2-year-old, Benika, and become the “alpha of the pack.” She was so smart and loved people so much that we soon realized she belonged at “The Spruce Moose.”

Pet Obituary: Stitch Torrez-Holldber

Pet Obituary Stitch Torrez-Holldber 2003-2014 Stitch lived a fine and loving life until he succumbed to cancer on Dec. 19, 2014. He will always be remembered for his...