Obituary: Nedra F. Fox

Nedra F. Fox, 87, died Friday, April 19, 2002, at her home in Hemet.

She was born Oct. 2, 1914, in Granite City, Ill.

Mrs. Fox was a graduate of the University of Illinois where she also received a master’s degree.

In addition to raising three children, she was a teacher for many years in public and private schools where she inspired many students.

She was a frequent visitor to Idyllwild where her parents, Gentry and Lena Goggin, retired in 1952. She became an Idyllwild resident in 1975 and was a part-time resident until her death.

She is survived by her loving husband, Fred L. Fox; two sons, Fred B. Fox of Hemet and Idyllwild, and Brian R. Fox of Carson City, Nev.; and a sister, Nadine Stegelmeyer of Reno, Nev. She was preceded in death by her daughter, Linda Fox Webster.

No services are planned.

Donations in her memory may be made to the American Heart Association, National Center, 7272 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX 75231.

  1. Remember all the good days, know i remember an think of you

  2. yes i remember the good old days. yes and i remember you Mark. keep on going. have a good day. 1971 good days.

  3. I just heard about Nelson's passing. In the 1970's, Nelson and I performed together in two different bands plus television and radio appearances with Joe Tatar. We lost touch when he moved in the 1990's. I, along with Joe Tatar, Becky Saunders and Tony Ruvalo will miss him.

    Your friend forever.

  4. if anyone knows jim or yvette guthrie, or holly and quentin jessop, they used to manage the strawberry creek inn and yodler lodge back in the early 80s, then email me at

    • Just saw your post and my name is Mat Jessop and Quenton and Holly Jessop are my parents. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Thank you

  5. hi
    i'm from the U.K and a question that has been puzzling me for many a year…..Elvis and Idyllwild…….the song i got lucky performed at some kind of lake with the townfolk and a picnic….can anyone please tell where this was shot?…… i hope to come to idyllwild some day as this is on my to do list..any help would be greatly appreciated

    • the lake was lake hemet, and the town shots were Idyllwild and the fighting scenes were in a old log lodge in Fern Valley, Movie called Kid Gallahad. I think lodge mite still be there, Ihad a friend who lived across from lodge.

  6. Why do these same comments with nothing to do with this opinion keep showing up on the TC web comments section?

  7. I remember your father. He was a wonderful photographer, and a love to Merry. Love to them both, and you children.

  8. susan geisendorfer March 31, 2012, 6:11 am

    i remember joe tater wow a blast from the past

  9. Wow, I am getting nostalgic here. I lived in the house though I thought it was on Humber Road, it was at the cul de sac. I didn't know at the time they filmed the movie there and people would cruise really slow in their cars as if Elvis would pop out the door. Then one day my neighbor across the cul de sac told me about the movie. I wanted to get a cutout and leave it on the front porch. From what I remember it was an old ski lodge that never made it, there used to be a cable on the ground behind the lodge from the lift/tow up the hill. The kitchen was a wood stove commercial one, huge and we also had a pot belly in the living room. Also, there were a ton of phone books from all over the country in the basement….god knows what possessed someone, maybe an early cold caller.

    It's good to see the house is still there, it needed a lot of care.



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