Friends placed flowers and a card in front of the closed door of Outland’s Wildwood Gallery. Photo by Cid Castillo

Isaac Outland, owner of the recently expanded Wildwood – IGO7 Gallery in the Village Centre, was found dead by an employee of the Riverside County Regional Parks and Open Space District at Lawler Lodge on Wednesday, June 22, just after 10 a.m. Lawler Lodge is a Riverside County recreational facility and campground eight miles north of Idyllwild, on Highway 243.

According to the county coroner’s office, the death is being investigated as a suicide. The coroner’s office confirmed Outland’s identity. His body was found in his GMC Yukon SUV bearing his personal plates, “ISAAC7.” He was 68 years of age. “We have nothing to suggest it was anything other than a suicide,” said Hemet Station Lt. Geoff Raya.

Outland had recently been elected to the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce and was to have taken his seat in July. Chamber Director Peter Buhl said he regularly had coffee with Outland and was impressed with his vision for his shop and his affection for Idyllwild. “He truly had a grand scheme [for his business] and was excited about what he was doing,” said Buhl. Director Steve Moulton remembered Outland as “a great guy and very energetic. He wanted to make his place [Wildwood Gallery] the destination place in Idyllwild.”

He recently completed an expansion into two adjacent shops and staged a grand opening. Chamber President Nick Todd said, “All the members of the new board will have lost the benefit of his counsel, knowledge and support. He will be missed.”

According to Outland’s son, Kenneth, there are no immediate plans for a funeral or memorial service at this time. “I know he was respected and loved by many in Idyllwild, and that he would want a service there,” said Kenneth. He plans to contact the people who have goods consigned at Wildwood. Kenneth is beginning to inventory the consigned pieces but cannot distribute them until he has a death certificate and power of attorney. He said his father left no will. He suggested that anyone who has goods consigned at Wildwood and who has not already contacted him, should call his father’s cell phone. “It’s still active and I check messages daily,” said Outland. The number is (760) 218-3553.

Outland said his father left an apparent suicide note.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Hemet Station, is investigating Outland’s death. Anyone with any information that might assist the investigation should contact Investigator Farwell at (951) 791-3412.