The Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) board held a brief meeting Wednesday, Oct. 12. The board had no major action on its agenda and listened to General Manager Jerry Holldber report on well levels, budget status and the Arrowhead Water donations.

Well levels remain strong, with measuring well No. 10 up 2 feet from last month. “With last year’s and recent rains, this is higher than it’s ever been,” Holldber said. September 2011 production levels (3,118,210 gallons) are close to 2010’s volume of 3,126,730 gallons, but less than 2009’s production of 3.78 million gallons. With all meters read and billed, water loss was 5 percent.

The board’s budget projections for fiscal 2011-12 are on track, according to Holldber. PCWD received an unexpected refund from the California Department of Public Health for about $5,000. Holldber had questioned some previous billings by the agency as excessive.

Holldber showed the board a thank you letter to Arrowhead Water for the company’s donation of six pallets of bottled water, which Vicki Jakubac, PCWD’s conservation specialist, had arranged. PCWD distributed the water to Idyllwild and Fern Valley water districts, Idyllwild School, Idyllwild Fire Department, Mountain Disaster Preparedness, Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council, Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit, Riverside County Fire and Idyllwild emergency radio station WNKI.