Idyllwild school students enjoyed the sunshine, a box lunch and choice of milk or juice while school district maintenance and the Idyllwild Fire Department cleared all classrooms on Monday morning, Dec. 5. Students were back in class by noon. Photos by Cid Castillo

Monday was a cold day at Idyllwild School. Without propane, the school’s heaters weren’t operating until afternoon. The distinctive propane odor, nevertheless, escaped into rooms and hallways. Principal Matt Kraemer had the students evacuated from the building until the heat could be restored.

Teachers stayed with students and helped them through the morning until returning to the classrooms after lunch.

Idyllwild Fire department arrives at Idyllwild School responding to gas fumes being detected on the grounds. The odor is created by an additive that can remain near the tank’s botton when it is near empty. Although no gas was detected in the classrooms, all the students were evacuated as a precautionary measure.