The ice rink at Idyllwild Community Center is still not open. Cooling coils are still visible. Photo by Cid Castillo

The investigator from Riverside County Department of Environmental Health who investigated the still-unopened ice rink on the Idyllwild Community Center property on Friday, Dec. 30 concluded that there are no observable environmental violations, according to Diane Christensen, department program chief.

“There was a drum on site [of glycol solution] but it was closed and labeled,” Christensen said, reading from the investigator’s report. She also indicated that there was no evidence of spills of any materials with which her department would be concerned.

“Once they [the ice rink operators] plan to open, we’ll be requiring a hazardous materials handling report,” she noted. She also said that her department would not hold up the opening of the rink, but would inspect again once it is open to ensure that no violations are present and ongoing.