None of the approximately 40 Idyllwild School students on board were injured when a vehicle lost control on the icy pavement and slid into the bus near Pine Cove in January 1999. The driver, however, was injured. Residents and visitors are advised to be aware that even low impact collisions can injure someone and are reminded to be aware of road conditions when driving in Idyllwild. File photo

65 years ago - 1947
There were 300 families living year-round in the area.

60 years ago - 1952
Movie shows at Hillbilly Lodge ended as the Froelichs worked to complete their new Rustic Theatre.

55 years ago - 1957
Hill folk living beside Strawberry Creek reported hearing a strange noise following the heavy rain. Few could remember when water had previously gushed and gurgled over the dehydrated boulders.
• • •
Arthur Casebeer, a retired attorney who lived in Idyllwild for 15 years, passed away in San Diego.
• • •
Work started on the horsemen’s campsite at Mountain Center.

40 years ago - 1972
At a Banning commission hearing, Tahquitz Lake Estates residents protested the application of a conditional-use permit for a mobile home development in Dutch Flat.

35 years ago - 1977
California faced its second-consecutive dry year and the California Water Commission suggested a number of proposals to ease drought conditions, but Idyllwild and the mountain area would probably not be involved.

30 years ago - 1982
Area motorists were cautioned to stop for buses unloading school children. Complaints had been filed against 22 motorists within the Hemet Unified School District for failing to stop when school bus red lights flashed.

20 years ago - 1992
Idyllwild School Principal George Nettleman was working on a grant that could earn national recognition and more than $1 million for the school the next year.

5 year ago - 2007
Pine Cove Water District General Manager Jerry Holldber unveiled plans to develop the Dutch Flat complex, that once implemented could add 200 gallons of water per minute to district production. Holldber proposed a four-phase plan with an estimated total cost ranging from $160,000 to $300,000.

1 year ago - 2011
The Riverside County Board of Supervisors officially rejected proposals to close three fire stations and replace career staff with volunteers at three fire stations, including Station 63 in Poppet Flat.