The Anza Municipal Advisory Council selected the members of the Anza Area Groundwater Steering Committee at its Wednesday, March 14, meeting. The group will develop ground rules for how it seeks funding for a comprehensive water study and provide advice on local groundwater management planning.

Members serve voluntarily and are not compensated. The 14 members (one position remains unfilled) and one alternate were chosen to represent the various valley water stakeholders. They are: Brian Baharie, Cahuilla Band of Indians; a yet unselected representative from Agri Empire; Joanna Crombie, resident for agricultural interests; Eric Haley, Heritage Well Service; Joseph Hamilton, Ramona Band of Indians; Merl Johnson, Ramona Water Company; Annika Knoppel, High Country Garden Club; Mike Machado, Anza Electrical Cooperative; Elena Mafla, Boojum Institute (serving as interim chairperson); Dan Marlin, AVMAC; Jackie Spanley, Rural Communities United, Anza Branch; Marea Stinnet-Levine, High Country Conservancy; Nancy Swanson, Anza Community; Ed Wall, resident; and Corey Wallace, Ranch California Water District. The group next meets on April 5.