I was sorry to read that because of the complaints from a few people that we are losing our ambulance service to Pine Cove from IFPD [Idyllwild Fire Protection District].

This same group of complainers has complained forever to IFPD about everything, most of it isn’t even their business.

Some of these people serve on the CSA 38 Advisory Committee and make these decisions that affect us.

I can’t blame IFPD for its decision. You get tired of the complaints, when you are trying to do their job.

I have never heard a complaint from anyone who has used IFPD’s ambulance service. They have always provided a caring and professional service.

IFPD cannot continue to provide this service at a loss. No one else operates at a loss, that I know of. They are still the best solution we have in providing ambulance service.

Instead CSA 38 would rather spend the money on a fire engine we don’t need. We don’t have the volunteers to man it.

CAL FIRE has a station here, to take care of the fire and medical needs, they provide a paramedic, not ambulance service.

Contracting to IFPD is the best answer. They will provide better and cheaper service than AMR [American Medical Response, a private ambulance service with whom Riverside County has a contract]. They will be here when we need them.

We need to work together as communities. So get over yourselves and get back to negotiations with IFPD.

Time to do what is best for the community, not your own agendas.

Maybe we should publish the phone numbers of these complainers. We can call them when we need an ambulance.

Janis Van Zanten
Pine Cove


  1. Wow being a new resident in Pine Cove and not being in my 20's or even 30's it is scary to know there is no ambulance service. This is not a selling point for all of the properties up for sale. I don't know who Janis is but I will agree that the local Fire Department seems to be the best choice . How long would it take for another company to get to Pine Cove? Would they have a local ambulance located here? This is a huge subject, with being there only part time at this point I probably can't interject to much except to say you should all get your shit together !!