The Idyllwild Watch Network is now available for community comments, ideas and suggestions relating to the recent spate of crime incidents on the Hill.

At Capt. Scott Collins’, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station commander, community meeting in March, Don Raridon heard some comments that suggested the community wanted a virtual site where it could collect and discuss what has happened and what actions could be taken to address this criminal activity.

“It’s frustrating because the sheriffs can’t get here quickly and short of everyone getting a gun, what action can we take?” said Dora Dillman, local real estate agent. “It would be nice to have a community base where we can report these things.”

Raridon researched other cities and websites. Many are larger communities and the sheriff or police sponsor the site. Nevertheless, Raridon decided to initiate the action himself for the whole community.

“It’s intended to be a place for people to post about situations where they wouldn’t necessarily possess enough to contact the Sheriff’s Department,” Raridon said. “They may not have definitive information it’s a crime. It’ll be a place where people can put two and two together.”

So if you want to say or read more about the activities and actions, visit To post comments, you will have to register and leave your email address with Raridon.

While he will not review nor edit comments before they are posted, he does expect civil and relevant discourse. And he stressed it will not be a forum for individual soapbox rants.

The new site is