This is such a wonderful article about Peter [Buhl’s] generosity, and his great encouragement, which teaches generosity.

Donating items to Donation Alley begins the process by which people-in-need can get what they need or want, and can then become donors themselves for Idyllwild ARF and Living Free.

Animals have the ability to be generous with their love and affection. Still, they need generous people to find and care for them when they are lost, abandoned or injured.

Peter is a role model of generosity, not only in his caring about people and animals, but how he also honors those less-well-off by making it possible for them to contribute to the well-being of our local animals in need.

I hope our community can continue to support these nonprofit organizations in whatever way they can — by their appreciated financial donations, by donating supplies, by volunteering their time, by being a foster-parent for an animal or by adopting their loving pet companions.

Jacquelin Siff