Ron Kimmerle, 49, of Pine Cove, failed to appear at 8:30 a.m., June 1 at a Felony Settlement Conference at Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta. At 11:22 a.m. the court issued a bench warrant for failure to appear and set bail at $120,000.


  1. Anyone know how I can contact the owner of that property? My wife and I want to complain about how trashy it is, and have someone cover up where it says "eat sh*t" on the abandoned camper. Is anyone on that property worth talking to?

  2. DING DONG…..thanks Ronnie! I'm sure I'm NOT alone in that I was SO hoping that you would do exactly what you did and NOT show up for what could have possibly been your "get out of jail free card" meeting….we should ALL be thanking our lucky stars!! Stupid is- as stupid does! oh…and who's eating $hit now?

  3. What a joke this whole fiasco is, he somehow manages his way out of trouble every time. What, exactly, was the state thinking when they released him in the first place, with over 300 felony charges!! Our judicial system is a complete joke.