Special Correspondent Monk
By Monk
Special Correspondent

Editor’s Note: The race and campaign for Mayor of Idyllwild is heating up. The election (June 11 through June 13) is only days away. The competition is almost animal-like.

Given the gravity of this election, the Town Crier has asked Monk to contact and sniff out the candidates. The winner will be inaugurated July 1.

Three questions were posed to each candidate and their manager. First, what experience does the candidate have leading the pack? Second, what is the candidate’s vision for Idyllwild should they win? And what is the candidate’s campaign slogan?

Cayenne Pepper
Manager: Sandii Castleberry

  1. She has great experience based on her excellent people skills. Other animals would easily comply.
  2. Wants to encourage more integration of species at food establishments.
  3. Permanents for anyone who wants one.

Manager: Sandii Castleberry

  1. He has a unique perspective on the world. He sees things through lenses of blue eyes.
  2.  He recommends all dogs use leashes for humans’ safety.
  3.  Hodey-ho-dee-ho, Hidey-hi-dee-hi, Heedey-hee-dee-hee, and Hodey-ho-dee-ho for JoJo.

Since these two candidates share a house, this competition demonstrates their sportsmanship, according to Monk.

Manager: Gary Budnick

  1. He’s a young pup with a strong ARF background. He knows his way around so well he often says “been there and done that.”
  2. A bone in every bowl and a home for every ARF friend.

Manager: Phyllis Brown

  1. Dawson is a natural leader. Not only is he the head of the public relations department at Idyllwild’s Prairie Dove shop, he’s also a former thespian.
  2. He would like to see water bowls and treats in front of all Idyllwild business establishments.
  3. The girls love him and you will, too!

Manager: Madelaine W. Barnett

  1. He always protects whomever he’s with — regardless of whether they are two- or four-legged.
  2. To make Idyllwild a safe and wonderful place to live.
  3. Let Hogan be your hero!

Manager: Julie Johnson

  1. He’s very good with dogs. He welcomes them at the bookstore, INK, where he is a local public figure and has taught them to co-exist with others.
  2. Inky has two slogans, “He’ll put litter back in literacy” and “Idyllwild’s first black mayor.”

Managers: John Stonitsch and Bryan Tallent

  1.  She encounters hundreds of human visitors every week at her store (The Spruce Moose).
  2.  Water bowls and treats at every store. She would like to see another community monument, this one in honor of dogs and cats since they considerably out number local bears and mountain lions.
  3.  Strength of an Alpha … Love of a Lab.

Manager: Kathy Keane

  1.  He’s a natural animal leader and herder being part Australian Shepherd and part Border Collie. But with dogs and cats, his leadership lies with his sociability.
  2.  Idyllwild needs a young, energetic mayor to greet and represent the town’s four- and two-legged residents! I hope to make Idyllwild even more pet-friendly! He and his Manager: will organize and run pet-friendly events, and promote the creation of a large, part-time off-leash area for Idyllwild dogs to play and for their owners to socialize.
  3. More Smiles for Idyllwild!

Campaigning for Idyllwild Mayor has become very competitive. Photo courtesy of Phyllis L. Mueller

Manager: Phyllis

  1.  Max has always been friendly around others. He’s naturally communicative and always makes eye contact.
  2.  He envisions an improved quality of life for all because he’ll teach everyone unconditional love and enthusiasm. He also sees a cleaner Idyllwild because he’s good at sniffing out litter and discarded food wrappers.
  3.  Max for mayor, show ARF you care, vote Max for Mayor.

Manager: Jennifer Adamson

  1.  Dogs are a lot of fun, but cats get the job done. I have!
  2.  She envisions more pet-friendly trails where we can take people, like the Nature Center.
  3. A purr-fect cat-like with great re-fur-ances!

Roxi du Dog
Manager: Joanne Selby

  1.  With her experience as a dog, she’ll improve everyone’s quality of life.
  2. To educate the public about abandoned pets. Envisions a donation box for food, toys and beds for less fortunate friends.
  3.  I’m an Idyllwild dog.

Manager: Marcia Krull

  1. She is a highly social dog who other dogs go to.
  2.  Ruby would like a town where all pups have a good home and are well-cared for, and have a place to run to visit.
  3.  A voice for the voiceless, a champion for homeless dogs.

Manager: Jerry Holldber

  1.  He leads by example. He doesn’t bark. He lets his actions speak for him. As Mayor of Pine Cove, he has added 20 new fire hydrants.
  2.  He will develop a program to educate the humans. After his first six months, he figures to go public with more new ideas.
  3.  Stitch in time saves …

Stoli O’Rocks
Manager: Susi Quested

  1.  He’s a visionary and loves laughter and licks.
  2.  He sees dog bowls and water bowls at every business. He will ensure four-legged friends receive treats during the 4th of July parade, and not just the two-legged ones.
  3. He gives a lick.

Manager: Marilyn Kemple

  1.  He’s 12 years old and has spent lots of time with dogs. He’s a dog to be respected.
  2.  He envisions dogs putting smiles on people’s faces. He encourages them to approach dogs who always appreciate a pet.
  3.  You can tell Tots anything because he’s deaf!

Manager: Maria Lehman

  1.  He knows the town because he used to be an ARF volunteer. He’s padded all around Idyllwild.
  2. He wants more water and food stops along streets and another community park for dogs. He also will help educate the community about neutering and spraying many of his friends.
  3. I’m in it to win it!

Monk can be reached at [email protected].