This week, the Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s began to discuss the potential of enacting a county ordinance to regulate the rental of private homes for vacation use.

On May 8, the board asked the county counsel to prepare a report on the potential of an ordinance. The counsel’s response was the basis of Tuesday’s discussion.

If the board wishes to pursue some regulation, county counsel recommended amending existing land use ordinance 348, which does not include any provisions allowing the use of single-family dwellings as vacation rentals.

This ordinance identifies boarding, rooming and lodging house, bed and breakfast inns, motels and hotels, all of which are separate from single-family dwellings.

Each of these facilities is required to have a plot plan to ensure compatibility with surrounding properties.

Some of the issues related to regulating vacation rentals include the definition of a vacation home, including guest quarters, occupancy limits, parking availability, on-site special events, contact numbers, and the applicability of the transient occupancy tax.

Counsel shared with the board information about vacation home ordinances adopted in Sonoma and San Bernardino counties and the cities of Palm Springs and Laguna Beach.