65 years ago - 1947
A big celebration was planned to complete the community building, with Norma Sanborn in charge of the dance and entertainment. Residents were asked to bring their own chairs. Those wishing to donate chairs would get their names engraved on the back.

60 years ago - 1952
The pool at Hidden Lodge was opened for public use.

• • •

Over the holiday, Jimmy Rummonds won the marble tournament. Dale Bischof won the greased pole climb, and 10 gallons of punch “swam down the gullets of young contestants.”

55 years ago - 1957
A big folk singer session was in full swing at the arts school. Stars were Pete Seeger, Sam Hinton, Marais and Miranda, Bess Lomax Hawes and Robert LeHouse.

• • •

As the thermometer hit 94, Town Crier commented, “On days like this it’s hard to imagine we’ll be shoveling snow in 182 days.”

50 years ago - 1962
Maelou Pet Center advertised accessories for hamsters and turtles.

• • •

The Idyllwild Protective League filed an appeal with the Alcoholic Appeals Board against the issuance of liquor licenses to the Idyllwild Inn, The Gourmet and Schwarzwaldhaus.

45 years ago - 1967
County supervisors adopted a budget requiring a 19-cent increase over the previous year’s tax rate. The estimated new rate was $2.34 per $100 assessed valuation.

40 years ago - 1972
A searing hot spell pushed the thermometer to 95 degrees as June ended.

• • •

In Pine Cove, postal facilities were moved from Don Watson’s real estate office to the Pine Cove Market.

35 years ago - 1977
The heavy use of Humber Park as a trailhead for rock climbers and wilderness-area backpackers caused the county to seek a transfer of the park to the Forest Service. County Parks Director Pete Dangermond Jr. was granted permission by Riverside County supervisors to enter into negotiations with the Forest Service on a possible transfer of the property.

30 years ago - 1982
The Rev. Charles Divine became the new priest at Queen of Angels Catholic Church.

25 years ago - 1987
The Idyllwild Board of Realtors voted 11 to 1 to approve the new sewer project, which included water conservation measures and onsite wastewater disposal zones.

20 years ago - 1992
Josh Bischof had been selected to become a member of the Jr. Candidate Luge Team for the U.S. Luge Association.

15 years ago - 1997
Idyllwild Library celebrated its first anniversary at a new location with a party put on by the Friends of the Idyllwild Library.

10 years ago - 2002
Dawn Miller was announced as the new postmaster for the Idyllwild Post Office.

5 years ago - 2007
The state Legislature unanimously approved renaming Highway 243 from Banning to Idyllwild the “Esperanza Firefighters Memorial Highway.”

1 year ago - 2011
Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation imposing a $150 annual fire protection fee on private property owners within State Responsibility Areas, including the Hill.