The Paul Bunyan hamburger. Courtesy Lumber Mill


New Lumber Mill owner Luis Solis. Photo by Marshall Smith

New Lumber Mill Bar and Grill owner Luis Solis has big plans, very big plans, for his restaurant. Solis and wife Michelle, with previous restaurant experience in Temecula, are weighing in with menu choices that will challenge even the most jaded Idyllwild diner.


“We’re keeping the existing menu for now, but are adding in specialties that support the lumber-mill, lumberjack concept — hearty and generous portions,” Solis said.

One of those specialties is so generous that it will be free to any diner who can eat it and trimmings within a prescribed time limit. The Paul Bunyan hamburger, at five and a half pounds, requires a specially made bun. “We make our own,” said Luis. “You can’t buy them commercially.” Solis wants the dining experiences for his patrons to be fun and the burger contest is part of that fun.

Also planned for the menu, as a featured specialty, is a two-pound rib eye steak. Solis, who will be chef, also said, “I like to present my food to my patrons, and get to know the people who come into my restaurant.” Wife Michelle will handle front of the house. The Solis’ will continue to provide beer and wine.

Solis, courteous and friendly, said he is committed to building lasting relationships with the community and designing a menu and dining experience for the enjoyment of locals. Among things he is considering is a seniors menu, adding breakfast with Mexican specialties such as huevos rancheros and chilaquiles, and dishes for the winter that are hearty and warming, like soups. Solis, who is from Mexico City, plans to live in Idyllwild and become involved with local volunteer organizations. “I want to be part of the community,” he said.

Hours, until breakfast is added, are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and from 9 to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.


  1. Thumbs uppppppppppp!

    I will gladly PAY full price, but I warn you that (me) a short skinny guy, can put away 8 lbs of food after a backpacking trip.

    Marshall Smith:
    Can you please provide the street address and intersection, or link to the yelp page.