I love visiting Idyllwild and I heard they were electing a four-legged mayor as a fundraiser for ARF. I thought this was a great idea!
After the election, I saw this terrible article attacking the winner and his campaign manager (Phyllis Mueller) so I did a little research.

This was a fundraiser designed to generate income and support for ARF to help animals in need. From what I can tell Max and Phyllis took this call to arms to heart and generated over two-thirds of the income for ARF! This deserves a huge acknowledgement.

Anyone who actually cares about the well being of animals would be thrilled that Max and Phyllis went the extra mile and generated all this energy and support for ARF!

Obviously, Madelaine Barnett has other concerns at heart.

I would just like to acknowledge Mayor Max and his campaign manager, Phyllis, for doing the exact purpose of the fundraiser — raising lots of funds to save the lives of animals. Great job and have a great year as Mayor!

Sean Dernehl
Lake Forest