Dr. Kenneth Browning and his wife Sandy in front of the Fern Creek Medical Center, which opened in February.

The 2012 Idyllwild Health Fair will be Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Fern Creek Medical Center.

The Idyllwild HELP Center has offered a fall Health Fair with free flu shots for several years. This year, with cooperation of Dr. Ken Browning, of the Fern Creek Medical Center, several other health services will also be available.

“I’m really excited about the event,” said Dr. Dick Goldberg, who coordinates the event for the HELP Center. “It’s one-stop shopping for the community.

“The Idyllwild HELP Center and Drs. Browning and Robert Orr are offering a comprehensive menu of public health services and screenings at no cost to the community,” Goldberg said.

When asked why he was opening his clinic and providing his staff as a service to the community on this day, Browning said Idyllwild is his home and he is called to take care of and provide health services to its residents. He noted that people often only come to doctors when they’re sick but that his clinic stresses lifestyle changes that can help prevent disease. His staff includes “lifestyle educator” Jody Cunningham, who helps patients with nutrition, weight loss and assists treatment of chronic conditions through changes in lifestyle choices. He noted that’s why hosting the health fair, which focuses on both prevention and treatment of illness, seemed such a good match for his practice.

The Health Fair will offer screenings or exams for blood pressure, blood sugar, visual acuity (eye exams), occult blood and body fat analysis, Goldberg said.

In addition, counseling for nutrition and Medicare will be available that day.

Donation of food, clothing or money for the HELP Center would also be appreciated.

The Health Fair is from 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Nov. 3.