[The] Republicans’ choice to either change their hostile attitudes toward Latino voters or going the way of the Whig party will soon be known by everyone. They will have to choose to start talking to Latinos rather than about them amongst their lily-white selves.

What do I mean? Here is an Idyllwild example.

One of our local churches organized a mission trip to Central America this past summer, a very commendable endeavor.

But not only was the cost of the trip more than the median annual income of the citizens of that country for an entire year, but just two or three doors away from the head of this trip lived the local mavin-contractor and organizer of the local hard working service providers who emigrated here from Central America.

But somehow the mission group will do there what it won’t do here?

The audacity of these people coming here and wanting what Anglos want is shameful to Republicans apparently. Why else would they assume every person of Latino heritage is illegal (but employ them anyway)? Or why are Republican parents right at the front of the line when it comes to Cal Grant scholarships for their kids to go to Cal Baptist, Biola, Point Loma or Cal Lutheran yet oppose a program important to Latinos like the DREAM Act?

So Republicans can put their pragmatism ahead of their ideology, but no one else can, is that it?

Like it or not, 50,000 American Latinos turn 18 every day. Mary Bono Mack found out the hard way this past week.

And so it will go for all of us Republicans. Either we continue talking about the evil Latinos or actually talk to them.

It’s our choice. It’s your choice.

Mike Reno
Pine Cove


  1. I never post a comment.. Seems useless to me. but here is mine. the latinos come from screwed up countries that don't give a crap about them…as they say in latin countries.."life is cheap" so why come here and lower the value systems of a country that cares and has immigrants that made us who we are and lower us to a third world country???? They need to go back to their crap countries and fight like we did in the Civil War to make freedom something worth respecting and not come here and work our beautiful country into the ground. Grow up and honor our country and don't throw our values away. Time to step us and work hard for our freedoms and not disrespect those that died for what USA stands for.

    • Hi Sarita, not everyone that is brown comes with an attitude of entitlement nor an agenda to "throw our values away"… thanks to stereotypes like what you spew, in part, we have to endure lib control. Great job, pfft

      funny you should mention growing up…

  2. I love it when I hear "they need to go back to their crap countries and fight like we did"…I wonder why that wasn't said to the European Immigrants of the late 19th or early 20th century? I wonder why that isn't said to Cubans who crash their boats on the shores of Florida to escape the "crap" country of Cuba? Hell, why didn't Mexico say that to the Anglo immigrants who poured in to Southwest territories of Mexico in the 1800's (back when a certain country considered some of it's own citizens property aka slaves. I am sure the word "crap" might have labeled to that certain country as well by those individuals). Some people just need a history lesson. Last time I checked the statue of liberty says: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"…(but only if you come from a "non-crap" country)? Stay classy Idyllwild and for those of you who need a history lesson feel free to take a trip down the hill to your nearest community college and take a class a Mt. San Jacinto (sometimes it is nice to step outside your bubble).
    "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" George Santayana. Based on some of the postings here, it looks like Latinos will not be rushing to vote for Republican candidates anytime in the near future.