Empty shelves where chain saws were displayed and locked
Village Hardware was broken into again last night. This is the second burglary at the store in three weeks.

The burglars entered around 2 a.m. and took all of the Stihl chain saws, some blowers, trimmers and another generator, according to manager Larry Donahoo. They apparently brought their own tools to cut locks, chains and cables.

“They had to have had more than one vehicle for move all the stuff they took,” he said.

Cabinets of sandpaper were knocked over as thieves took merchanidise


  1. In the olden days, the shopkeeper either slept in the backroom or slept in the add-on room upstairs to a shop —> with a shotgun and a trusty dog.

    Look people, because Idy is isolated with 90 mins police response to a burglar alarm, the thief could be in san diego or vegas by the time the police arrive to take a report for a non-violent crime that has already occurred.

    A chain cable will prevent shoplifters but not a thief in the dark of the night.

    if you have cameras, you'll know that the burglar was in the shop a week or two prior, looking around, and probably bought $1 gizmo to assess the cash register situation.

    Look in the surveillance camera for the last two weeks, look for a matching description of the dude from the grocery store robbery.

  2. Perhaps, Riverside County Sheriff's Department should keep a closer eye on their "Pet Snitch" up on the Hill. It is suspected by quite a few, that this "Informant", may be involved in much more activity other than just selling dope around Idyllwild with very little-to-no-fear of being arrested and charged by law enforcement. It's just a thought….