The ICF 2013 Coyote Paw awards were lined up and ready to be presented Sunday night at The Rustic Theatre.

— The Tahquitz Awards —

“How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song” won multiple awards, including Best Trailer, Best Feature Film and Best Director. Director Gary King is shown here.
Best Feature Film
“How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song”
Best Featurette
“The Bunglers”

Best Short Film
“Spicy Nose”

Best Documentary (Full Length)
“Red, White, Black and Blue”

Best Documentary (Short)
“The Rent Party: Paying It Forward in Rhythm
and Hues”

Best Web Series

Best Foreign Language Film (Feature or Featurette)
“Siberie Monamour”

Best Foreign Language Film (Short)
“Beyond the Dead End”

Best Amateur Film (All)
“Another Chance”

Best Student Film (All)

Robert Fleet won Best Actor for the feature film “Player” at the Idyllwild CinemaFest on Sunday.
Best Actor (Feature)
Robert Fleet, “Player”

Best Actor (Featurette)
Stephen Kearin, “The Bunglers”

Scott Foster (left) presents Oscar Torre with the award for Best Actor for the short movie “Souled.” Photos by Jenny Kirchner
Best Actor (Short)
Oscar Torre, “Souled”

Best Actress (Feature)
Molly Ryman, “Things I Don’t Understand”

Ashley Stewart (center) presents Sally Kirkland (left) her award for Best Actress for a Featurette, the Alzheimer-themed “Posey.”
Best Actress (Featurette)
Sally Kirkland, “Posey”

Best Actress (Short)
Christianna Carmine, “To Live and Try in LA”

Best Ensemble Acting (All Forms)
“Things I Don’t Understand”

Best Director (Feature)
Gary King, “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann

Best Director (Featurette)
Glenn Camhi, “The Bunglers”

Best Director (Short)
Josh Murray, “The Soliloquy”

Best Director (Documentary, All Lengths)
Leslie Zemekis, “Bound by Flesh”

Best Screenplay (Feature)
Adam Hampton, “The Unusual Calling
of Charlie Christmas”

Best Screenplay (Featurette)
Adam Rubin, “A Perfect Day”

Best Screenplay (Short)
Adam Gropman, “Spicy Nose”

Best Sound (Feature/featurette)
“The Bunglers”

Best Sound (Short)
“Oysters Rockefeller”

— The Marshall Hawkins Awards —

Best Original Score (Feature)
Geoff Cottrell, “Tortoise In Love”

Best Original Score (Featurette)
Stuart Hancock, “Hawk”

Best Original Score (Short)
Dale Clay, “The Soliloquy”

— The Casey Abrams Award —

Best Soundtrack
(Feature, Featurette Or Documentary)
“How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song”

— The Juan Ruiz Anchia Awards —

Best Cinematography (Feature)
Yury Raysky, “Siberie Monamour”

Best Cinematography (Featurette)
Martin Hill, “Hawk”

Best Cinematography (Short)
J.D. Medlock, “The Soliloquy”

Pete and Suzy Capparelli received The Joni Award for all they contribute to the community.
The Joni Award Award to the Idyllwild resident who has given the most of his or her time and energy toward promoting the arts in Idyllwild.
Pete and Suzy Capparelli

The Lily Rock Lifetime Merit Award
Marshall Bell

Best Trailer (All)
“How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song”

Audience Choice
“As High as the Sky”

Festival Chairman Phil Calderone