Pine Cove Water District General Manager Jerry Holldber reported to his board that the district is in solid financial shape, with $265,000 in liquid reserves as of Dec. 31, with 57 percent of projected fiscal 2012/2013 revenues yet to be received.

Holldber plans to buy pipe needed for future district projects at today’s prices with some of the present revenue. “We have the money,” Holldber said. “I’ll buy all the pipe [for upcoming projects].” Holldber said he would contact the other two water districts to see if they were interested in being part of the pipe purchases.

Holldber also reported that December’s water production of 1,900,120 gallons was in line with previous two years — 75,000 gallons less than December 2011 and 85,000 more than December 2010.

Total 2012 water production was 31.2 million gallons, the lowest level in the past decade, nearly 27 percent less than the maximum production in 2004. PCWD production has declined every year since 2006.

Holldber said district wells were holding up well, with static measuring well number 10 down only two feet. He also noted that recent prolonged cold weather has started to affect some of the district’s wells.

Finally, at the Wednesday, Jan. 9, board meeting, President Tom McCullough read a copy of his reply to Idyllwild Water District President Allan Morphett’s Dec. 12 letter questioning trenching conducted by PCWD field personnel in Dutch Flats, property jointly owned by the two districts. Morphett wanted positive identification of the trench and of PCWD plans to use a generator at the district’s treatment plant as the sole source of electrical power for that area.

McCullough’s response provided a sketch showing the trench location, promised a final “as built” drawing and staking of trench corners. He also indicated PCWD had made no decision regarding portable standby generators.