An upgraded Caltrans website provides real-time information to help drivers plan efficient on- and off-Hill travel and commutes. The site has current lane closure information on routes throughout the state.

Specifically, the site,, allows drivers to search by Caltrans regions (the Hill is in Region 8), routes drivers are planning to use as well as travel dates (including a span of calendar days up to a week as well as a single day).

Motorists can see which, if any, lanes, shoulders, or medians are closed or impeded, the causes of slowdowns such as bridge work, a paving operation, survey work or tree work and the projected start and end times of the work.

On the website, areas that are defined by county, route, date and direction of travel on a lane closure grid, show the type of work impacting travel and are also color-coded to show if the work is underway, completed or recently canceled.

“Thanks to this upgrade, motorists can plan to avoid scheduled lane closures on statewide routes before they even get on the road, said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “This information will allow travelers to adjust their trip plan so they can get where they’re going more quickly.”

CHP Emergency incident information on state motorways is separately available at Terri Kasinga, Caltrans District 8 chief, public and legislative affairs, said the quickmap site could provide, when pending, traffic information on Highway 10 from Arizona or 15 from Nevada.

“So there is some interstate information,” Kasinga said. She also noted the availability on the site of chain control information, mountain highway conditions, and any specific road restrictions that are in effect.