The board of directors for the Pine Cove Water District adopted standby charges for 2012-2013 fiscal year. The charge remains $30 per acre per year for each acre of land or portion of any single parcel which is not served by an active water meter.

At the Wednesday, Feb. 13, board meeting, General Manager Jerry Holldber reported a number of cold weather-related leaks, totally 300,000 gallons. One leak totaled 146,000 gallons. Water loss for the two-month billing period was 10.6 percent. As board President Tom McCullough noted, water loss percentages should be compared to cost of leak detection services. “How much do you want to spend to investigate?” is the question McCullough said had to be answered. “If it [water loss] gets to be worse, then we must investigate.”

Water production for January was 2. 5 million gallons, including the 300,000 gallon leak, and roughly the same as January 2012, 2.2 million gallons but less than 2.9 million gallons produced in January 2011.

Holldber advised the board that county negotiations to purchase the district office for CAL FIRE station 23 expansion, were probably not a “go” but he would have a final answer from the county at the next board meeting.

The board toured two new district service vehicles, of three purchased through loans and grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Holldber said the three new vehicles and a remodeled fourth would be on display at the customer appreciation luncheon on Saturday, June 8. “With these new vehicles, I think we’re set up for 20 to 25 years,” Holldber said. Holldber noted some of the vehicles have custom-made features that better accommodate district needs.