Garden Club sign warning about oak transportation.

The Idyllwild Garden Club takes a major step in trying to stop further Goldspotted oak borer infestation in Idyllwild. It has commissioned and will install roadside signs advising against importation of oak onto the Hill.

“Our budget allowed for 10 signs,” said Mike Feyder, Garden Club instigator of the sign project. At present the club plans to install signs at the intersection of Highway 371 and Highway 74 in Garner Valley, three more between Garner Valley and Mountain Center, several on Highway 74 coming from Hemet to Mountain Center, one in Mountain Center at the beginning of Highway 243, one coming into Idyllwild and one each at the county and state park entrances.

Feyder said the sign will be 3 feet by 4 feet of durable corrugated plastic mounted three to 4 feet above the ground on posts. Signs are being produced and should be ready next week, said Feyder. “All this effort is going to do is announce that we have a problem and to increase awareness of the risks of firewood transportation.”


  1. So this oak borer supposedly originated from Brazil. That means it is ambient at hot and humid weather conditions, and cannot survive in cold and frozen temps.

    I'm sure the hype is that it is indestructible. What do you the people believe?