Folks review the art before entering their raffle tickets at the Art Alliance’s “Eye of the Artist” event on Saturday evening. The event included hors d’oeuvres and champagne. Photos by Barbara Reese

Mayor Max dressed for the occasion and greeted folks entering the Rainbow Inn for the event . He even bought a new tie for the occasion.

And the winners are …
The winners from the 2013 Art Alliance of Idyllwild’s Eye of the Artist Show held March 9 at the Rainbow Inn.

Mixed Media
First: Kirsten Ingbretsen - “Truth”
Second: Carol Mills - “Ravishing Red”
Third: Leo Marquis - “Sensual Fiery Back”

First: Gary Glasheen - “Wedding of the Swans”
Second: Shanna Robb - “Mind Games”
Third: Evelia Nash - “Ghost”

First: Fariad - “Passion”
Second: Rachel Welch - “Nude of Map”
Third: Douglas Bernhagen - “Mother and Child”

First: Kathy Harmon-Luber - “Angelic Laundry”
Second: Avianna Jones - “Daffodils Meeting”
Third: Lissa Claussen - “First Snow Plow”

First: Cher Townsend - “Falling into You”
Second: Kelly Jo Miller - “The Fever Candle”
Third: Norman Deesing - “Deep Sea Movement”

Honorable Mentions
Mallory Cremin - “Weeds in My Garden-Vinca”
Erin Murray - “Gift”
Lois Sheppard - “Quintessence”
Jan Jasper-Fayer - “All Five Senses”

People’s Choice
Scott Finnell - “Flowing with Joy”

Artists’ Choice
Colin Garth Smith - “Natley”