Astronaut training
Astronaut training at Astrocamp. Photos courtesy of Astrocamp
Astrocamp boasts one of the premier science and adventure programs in California. It’s residential science and summer camp programs are designed to totally immerse campers in new experiences and to help them gain new skills.

Astrocamp is unique in having programs specializing in physics, astronomy, and space exploration. Its mission is to expose kids to these topics in the way they learn naturally and most effectively: through hands-on unusual and exciting experiences and tons of fun.

Camp programs include: Residential Science: During the school year, schools from as far away as Stockton, Las Vegas, and Tucson bring their 4th through 8th graders here for three or five days. Summer Camp: During the summer, parents drop off campers for any of the three one-week sessions in June or either of the two week sessions in July. By adding their own selection of electives to a set of core activities, campers can design their own summer experience of adventure, science, and creativity.

On the adventure side of things, campers can glide down a 700’ zip line, climb formidable rock formations that surround Idyllwild, ride trails on mountain bikes, and climb a rock wall simulating a Mars canyon.

Campers explore science, space and technology through rocketry, astronaut training, an activity involving electricity and magnetism called “Volts & Jolts,” and Astrolab, a space mission simulation. Artful creative expression comes through such activities as radio broadcasting, blacksmithing, arts and crafts, and gaming classes.

Remington Detzel, 16, went to Astrocamp two years ago. “What I loved about it was that it made learning really fun with hands-on experiences, he recalled. “Usually only a few get to do stuff like that but we all got to do it.”

Astrocamp began in 1988 as a pilot program at a camp in the San Gabriel Mountains. Astrocamp found a permanent home in Idyllwild in 1992 and since then has offered residential science and summer camp experiences for over 20 years.

Astrocamp is one of 5 units run by Guided Discoveries, Inc. headquartered in Claremont. The other units -- 3 camps on Catalina Island and the Tole Mour, a 3-master that sails out of Long Beach Harbor -- specialize in marine science. You can learn more about Astrocamp at our website or by phoning our office at (951) 659-6062.

Jolts and Volts
“Jolts and Volts,” experiencing electricity at Astrocamp.