Pipes in the Pines, featuring the University of California, Riverside, Pipe Band, returns to Idyllwild, Wednesday, July 3. The evening event was sold out last year and this year’s return engagement is also quickly selling tickets.

The Pipe band will present an evening of Celtic entertainment from shortly after the gate opens, at Gary Parton’s Alpenglow Lilac Gardens, until nearly 8:30 p.m. The bagpipers will perform, soloists will be highlighted and Irish dancers will entertain the attendees from dusk to sunset.

The Pipe band has traditionally marched in the Idyllwild Fourth of July Parade and will participate again this year. But this benefit, which includes traditional Scottish fare — bangers and cookie — will also help defray the band’s expenses.

After UCR’s 2000 commencement, the band was formed as a result of the overwhelming crowd response to the pipers who performed for graduation. Previously, pipers had been hired from other bands to perform at this and other events. With the move to Division I athletics, UCR needed its own pipers. Thus the concept of a pipe band at UCR was born.

Tickets for the event are available at the Idyllwild Pharmacy.