To help draft an ordinance about controlling and limiting the population growth of pit bull and pit bull-type breeds in Riverside County, the Department of Animal Services invited county residents to submit opinions to an online survey.

The survey is complete and John Welsh, Animal Services senior public information specialists, shared the results.

Of 240 respondents, more than half opposed any ordinance. Of the 124 opposed, 91 (37.8 percent) were from Riverside County and another 32 (13.3 percent) from outside. Twenty-two of these county residents, however, would support the ordinance if it required mandatory spaying or neutering of all breeds.

Of those supporting a mandatory ordinance, 109 (45 percent) were from Riverside County. Another eight people from outside the jurisdiction also supported it.

However, nine of those thought the mandatory spaying or neutering should apply to all breeds, not just pit bulls or pit bull types.

While a small majority (51 percent) opposed the idea of mandatory neutering of pit bull or pit bull-type breeds, Riverside County residents favored it (55 percent).

A proposed ordinance is still being drafted and reviewed within county offices. It probably will not appear on the Board of Supervisors agenda until late summer or fall, according to Welsh.