Nobody submitted a correct answer last week so the contest carries over to this week with a new photo of the same site that includes more clues, and we add the following verbal clue: “Central corner.” You are challenged to identify the particular spot depicted in this Hill photograph (shown below). It might be the exterior of a building or surrounding grounds of a commercial, governmental or non-profit premises or public place in Idyllwild, Pine Cove, Fern Valley or Mountain Center. so you think

The prizes are two tickets to the Rustic Theatre, your picture in the Town Crier, and life membership in the No. 1 Hillbilly Detective Agency.

Open to all ages. Correctly identify the spot in a sealed envelope, attn: Jack, actually delivered to the Town Crier office before noon on the following Monday.

You must describe the actual spot by measuring or pacing off or some other specific description. Taking your own photograph of the spot would be ideal, but is not necessary to win as long as you persuade the judge that you have found the exact spot depicted in the contest photo.

The decision of the judge is final. If there is no winner, clues will be given and the weekly prizes will accumulate. This is not a race. If there is more than one person with a correct answer, a drawing will determine the winner. So keep your answer to yourself.