The Idyllwild Fire Protection District Personnel Committee met with negotiators from the Idyllwild Career Firefighters Association last week.

Before entering a closed session during the Dec. 5 committee meeting, Commissioner Jerry Buchanan announced that the subjects were the new California Public Employees Retirement System rules and overtime.

The CalPERS issue was a continuation of the discussion of how these new rules might be implemented at IFPD. The committee was established in October 2012 and went through several name changes, but the initial purpose was to examine recent state changes to public employee pensions.

At that meeting, Buchanan said, “… time to appoint a new committee for pension reform and major changes … to deal with existing CalPERS requirements … and all labor relations.”

The overtime discussion addressed the topic of when it is discretionary and when it is non-discretionary, Buchanan said.

No decisions were reported after the closed session.

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