Enclosed here are a sack of letters that Kris Kringle himself let the Town Crier borrow.

Instead of bringing you the usual news stories that fill these pages each week, we like to take a breather each year and let you look at the season through the eyes of the children in our community.

These letters are from the special Santa mailbox at the Idyllwild Post Office. The spellings (and misspellings) are the original work of the youngsters. We have not changed anything, and we sincerely hope we read all the names correctly.

Our thanks to the businesses that made these pages possible for you to enjoy.



Dear Santa Claus,

It’s Me Eden. I am writing to you because I wanted to tell you wanted this year I would like: An American girl doll (Saige), A Barbie car. Alice in Wonderland (Wii) and A new book.

[Eden Rose, Idyllwild]




Dear Santa

How are you doing? I was wondring if this Christmas I could have a dragon playmobile set. Also I wold like a stegosaurus set.

Nayah [Nayah Hlebakos Del Río, Idyllwild]


For Santa From Lhasa

I want crayons, new pencils and a new boy and girl coloring book. AND a new phone that looks like Mommys iPhone, a toy-real one.

[Lhasa Hlebakos Del Río, Idyllwild]




Dear SanTa. I Have Been Wishing For Barrbie, Barbie dress and Barbie shoes. Love.

Hannah. (DADDY Bow)


Dear Santa,

I would like to go to Sea World with my family for Christmas. I would also love to see the movie Frozen in theaters. I would love a Frozen doll and a jewelry box. We will have good great cookies waiting for you. Love,



Dear Santa,

Please may I have –cat –candy –bow and arrow –Snake –Parrot puppet

-markers from Maddie (age 7)




Dear Santa,

For Jack, two: -Ved String –fish –pussles – letters –candy Please

[Maddie & Jack Williamson, Idyllwild]


To! Santa From! Kaelynn

Dear Santa,

Are you all ready for Christmas? I hope you, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and elves are all well. I would like some girl Legos please. Have a safe trip. We will leave you and the reindeer some goodies. I love you! Love,

Kaelynn Brooke Johnston


Dear Santa,

I would like a bike this year. I am going to leave you and the Reindeer some goodies! I hope you, Mrs. Clause, Reindeer, and the elves are feeling good. Have a safe trip. Love,

Lyliann Kai Johnston (Daddy Lyliann Kaelynn Mommy)


DeaR SantA-


KAYsA -4 [Kaysa Garcia-Lande, Idyllwild]


Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

We have been very good at the Lewis’ Lil Critters PreSchool. This is What we would like for Christmas. Thank you!

Kenli – 3yrs – Rapunzel with a horse.

Gaige – 2yrs – Bring me home! A truck.

Natalie – 4yrs – I like Santa to bring a purple blankie, a Barbie, I like a reindeer.

Lhasa – 3yrs – A toy Santa, a snowman, and food for my Kitchen. A whole bunch of food other food. I have a big cart full of food.

Ruby – 2yrs – A teddy bear.

Miles – 2yrs – A Kitchen, Elf on a Shelf, and a ball.

Ethan – 2yrs – Yellow truck, ok?

Opal – 2yrs – Toy, baby, money.

Lucy – 4yrs – Maybe one of the toys on my Christmas list. I want Legos like Micah. Flynn Rider Barbie and Rapunzel Barbie.

Micah – 4yrs – Legos because they are my favorite toys. My brother wants a remote control car. He’s 3.

Orion – 4yrs – I want a Lego Starfighter with an x-wing. It has wings coming out of the sides.

Cece – 2yrs – A Belle Barbie, and Snow White, and a Belle Tea Party.

Evy - 2yrs – I want dollies.

Johnny –2yrs - Car. Ball.

Graecie – 2yrs – A toy princess.

Hailey – 4-1/2yrs – a flower bed . . . that’s it!

Luke – 2yrs – Tools, a bear.

Indy – 4yrs – I can’t tell you all of the stuff cuz iT’s I have tons. Racecar set and squirt guns.

Dominic – 2yrs – Dinosaurs

Juniper – 1-1/2yrs – Baby doll

Caden – 2yrs – Jake and the Neverland Pirates Bike.

Alexander – 5yrs – A basketball and a basketball hoop.

Teagan – 5yrs – Hexbug that will crawl up the all. I want my own Spiderman suit that grows bigger and bigger.

Chloe – 5yrs – I want another doll that has hair, and you can change clothes. A baby crib.

Baby Talon – 5mos – Anything!

Teachers – Dear Santa, We would like healing prayers for our sweet Lauren, age 4-3/4, who is in and out of the Hospital this year, and next year. Thank You!


Dear Santa,

This year all I ask for is happiness. I want every human being on the face of this Earth to be happy. I no longer want to see such negativity. I want to see positivity. If you can give everyone such great gifts, I believe you can make this happen. Please Santa.

Dawn Sterling, 18 years old, Idyllwild