Michele Marsh (left) and Meg Wolf will appear in "Eleemosynary" Friday evening. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Avalon
Michele Marsh (left) and Meg Wolf will appear in "Eleemosynary" Friday evening. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Avalon

ISIS Theatre Company begins its 11th season Friday, March 7, with a reading of Lee Blessing’s, “Eleemosynary.”

Emily Heebner, familiar to ISIS fans, is directing the performance, which stars Michèle Marsh, Zora Schoner and Meg Wolf.

“Suzanne [Avalon, ISIS president and founder] sent me the play, I loved it and the actresses said ‘Yes,’” Heebner began as she explained her affection for the play. “I love the exploration of three generations of bright women, their relationships and personal issues.

“I’m also fascinated by the personality quirks of bright and talented people.  In the play, Echo [Idyllwild Arts day student Zora] is a spelling bee wiz. Her maternal grandmother [Marsh] is an eccentric who pushes her daughter and granddaughter to achieve academically,” Heebner wrote, describing the family’s relationships. “Her daughter, Echo’s mom [Wolf], has a superior autobiographical memory in which she remembers every day of her life in perfect detail — a topic explored by Lesley Stahl in two CBS News Hour segments.

“I think Isis focuses on works that feature fine writing, wonderful roles for actors we know, and also that will appeal to an Idyllwild audience,” Heebner continued. “In addition, the pieces we choose need to strike a cord with whoever is directing. I love Lee Blessing’s writing and am continuing to marvel at what he’s created as we explore the text further in rehearsal.”

Avalon chose “Eleemosynary” because it addresses many issues in relationships with women. “… especially in those of mother, daughter and grandmother. We can all find something of ourselves in the tapestry of love … wanting, needing, giving and alas, never achieving,” she wrote.

“Isis Theatre Company started back in 2003 to address women’s issues along with entertaining our audiences with a mixed bag of socio-political commentary and a look at the arts from many perspectives. We have always wanted to give our audience something to take home, to discuss, to argue or relish in the laughter they experienced,” wrote Avalon stating the theater company’s original goals.

“We want to hold the mirror up to examine the human condition, be it comical or tragic or, in most cases, just damn fantastic,” Avalon said, connecting ISIS’s creation with its performances or births. “That being said, we choose pieces that will raise our standards of excellence in theater. And because of that, our talent pool jumps in freely to be a part of a great and challenging production,” she concluded.

The performance will be 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 7, at the Rainbow Inn. A reception precedes the performance at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $15 and are general admission. Tickets may be purchased at the door, or online at www.isistheatrecompany.com.

A Dinner Theatre Package also is available for $45, which includes a three-course meal at the Gastrognome Restaurant and a ticket to the play with preferred seating.

For more information, call 951-692-9553, or log onto the website at www.isistheatrecompany.com