Living Free Kennel Manager Edgar Santiago pets Jazz, one of many dogs for adoption at the Oct. 25 “Bluegrass Howl and Yowl.”      Photo by J.P. Crumrine
Living Free Kennel Manager Edgar Santiago pets Jazz, one of many dogs for adoption at the Oct. 25 “Bluegrass Howl and Yowl.” Photo by J.P. Crumrine

The “Bluegrass Howl and Yowl” is Saturday, Oct. 25 at Living Free.

“We’ll have phenomenal world class musicians, including many local bluegrass,” said Living Free President Randall Harris. “There’s a rejuvenation of bluegrass, a traditional American music. And we’ve got diverse, incredibly talented musicians playing.”

Several groups, including Jamie and the Hillbillies, led by Jaime Olsen of Anza; the Reed Brothers, Don, of Idyllwild, and his brother Dennis; and Barnaby Finch’s Jazzgrass that includes Jeff Olsen, Bill Saitta, Keith McCabe and Don Reed, too. Also featured on stage during the afternoon will be Temecula native Devon Eisenbarger, 22, known for her blues guitar talent. In December 2012, she played lead guitar for Keith Urban at the American Country Awards.

All proceeds from the $10 admission fee for adults and children older than age 12 will go to the animal sanctuary, Harris stressed. Every animal there was scheduled to be euthanized at another facility. Living Free saves many.

Adoptions will be available all day. Harris said, “Every adoption saves two animals — the one you’re taking home and the one who will replace it.”

Besides music and adoptions, the day will be filled with other events. For example, Rancy Reyes will demonstrate urban mushing or dry land mushing, which involves dogs and sleds without snow.

Another highlight is a team of bloodhounds demonstrating their tracking skills. Local resident and renowned actor Conor O’Farrell has agreed to be the hounds’ target and will try to avoid being caught.

Another opportunity is to learn why a dog sniffs so much and how to focus that energy. Jamie Bozie, a certified canine behavior consultant, discusses how that instinct can be channeled. She also demonstrates herding games, as well as discusses how dogs are prepared to be TV or film actors.

A session on canine etiquette is offered. Another session demonstrates how service dogs are trained for search and rescue.

Not only canines and felines, but avian participants will be at the “Howl and Yowl.” Wendy Jeffries rescues exotic birds and trains them to be entertainers and play sports. She will have some of her premiere birds displaying these skills.

Harris is encouraging Hill denizens to turn out for the afternoon. He is planning to expand Living Free’s local presence and to become more involved in the community. Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild will be involved Saturday.

More volunteers are need at the sanctuary and this is an opportunity to visit and learn what is needed, he explained.

Pets are also welcome at the event, but should be on a leash.