Last year y’all presented another whirlwind year of activity in Idyllwild, from events to political controversies. We lost community members we loved, we raised funds and volunteered to improve our community, we paraded down North Circle Drive, we danced to splendid live music from jazz to rock to Zydeco, we rejoiced in our fine artists’ works, we delighted in watching first-rate actors on stage, we gobbled a lot of brie and we sipped many a fine wine.

Boy, did we live last year, as we seem to do every year in this capital town.

I failed to make every event or even most events. Having three grandchildren on the Hill now, I babysit a lot, rarely turning down a request. I just believe spending time with my grandchildren is as precious for them as it is for me.

My co-habitant also is co-owner of the paper so the TC is as much a part our personal lives as it is our business. We constantly communicate on the subject with each other — in the car, at a restaurant and while sipping fine wine. And we need to, so sometimes we put the business before all else and don’t make it to an event.

I also — once in a while when I run out of them — wash and dry my clothes. Once a month, I pay house bills. Maybe twice a week lately, I cook a nice meal at home or at my son’s house.

I also serve on two state boards, traveling five times a year.

Where is this going? Well, you Hill folk sure stir up a lot of activity — so much so that a person would require riches to attend every event, just to hire help to keep their clothes and house clean, their bills paid, their car washed, etc., etc.

Don’t you folk stop, though. I love what I’m able to attend. What a great place to live.

Becky Clark,