I read your editor’s column that appeared in this week’s edition of the Town Crier and would like to point out some incorrect information that it contained.

Shanna Robb was not the creator of the deer project. When the idea was created by the Art Alliance Board of Directors, she was not a board member nor was she serving on an AAI committee.

The idea of a public art project had been discussed by various AAI boards, even as far back as when Chris Trout founded the organization, but they could not come to a consensus on the details of such a project.

In January 2013 when I became board president I officiated at the general membership meeting and introduced two new projects — one was the Banner Project and the other was for an undefined public art project. A fellow board member and I did the initial research and I found an aluminum yard art fabricator who offered AAI a great deal on our initial idea of five bucks, five does and five fawns.

One evening I ran into Shanna at a local gathering spot and asked her if she would like to get involved in the deer project. After I explained the concept to her, she agreed to come on board and became the project manager. Shanna came up with the idea of finding sponsors to underwrite the costs for each deer and, at a monthly meeting, the AAI board came up with the official name: “Idyllwild Deer Sightings.” We moved forward with the plan of having the deer painted by AAI artists.

Shanna helped AAI bring the project to fruition. She did a fantastic job at managing the project and the Art Alliance is grateful for her hard work, time and effort.

Gary Kuscher
Past President/Current Board Member
Art Alliance of Idyllwild