San Bernardino National Forest recreation managers are seeking public comments on their proposals for the 2014 and 2015 State of California Off-Highway Vehicle grant program.

The state requires public comments to submitted from Tuesday, March 3, through Monday, April 6.

The state uses a three-step application process to allow public comment and feedback before final submittal. In February, the Forest Service solicited, received and considered public recommendations during the development of the preliminary grant applications, which were due March 2, 2015.

The second public review and comment period is open now. The Forest Service will review and consider the public comments and then submit its final grant applications on May 4.

At this time, SBNF is soliciting public input specific to the forest’s 2013-14 grant application proposals for Cooperative Agreements with the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. The public is encouraged to provide constructive criticism and/or suggestions to enable SBNF to better its program.

SBNF will submit five preliminary grant applications. The grants include projects for ground operations, law enforcement, development and restoration. Preliminary applications are available online at the California State OHV Grants and Cooperative Agreements program (

Grants for the ground operations and law enforcement will benefit the San Jacinto District, according to John Ladley, the district’s supervisory natural resource specialist.

“The ground operations help us with the day-to-day work such as trail maintenance and repair, visitor education and signage,” Ladley said. “This is the piece I really use.”

Hard copies may be requested from Deveree Kopp at either her phone (909) 382-2831 or email at [email protected] The division’s website will provide detailed instructions for accessing the preliminary application and submitting comments. Comments must be submitted via email to both the OHMVR Division and the SBNF. Comments to the national forest should be submitted to Al Colby at [email protected] and to California State Parks by using the "Grants" tab at

State regulations require annual public participation in this fund-allocation process. The agreements support OHV management activities on the national forest, including operations and maintenance, restoration, law enforcement, and education and safety.

In 2014, the forest was successful in obtaining more than $600,000 in grant funds, which helped provide the public with world-class OHV recreation opportunities.