On March 1, 2004, 11 years ago, Jack underwent an extensive operation and spent about 10 weeks recovering before returning to work in his then-daily commute to San Bernardino.

After several days in the hospital — where I was allowed to sleep in a fold-down chair next to his bed — we slowly made our way back home, as he was in much pain.

A few more days later, he felt ready to get out in the world so on my way to work at the TC the first morning, I dropped him off at Café Aroma with his laptop. He used a cane and leaned on me to make his way carefully up the ramp. We found a comfortable outdoor table and he spent his time there working on hobbies while I worked, progressively healing through March into April.

Everyday he basked in the sun of that March and April. I truly believe the pleasant weather aided in a faster recovery for Jack.

And here we are in March 2015, looking toward some upcoming warm days with no moisture in sight, just like 11 years ago.

I looked back at the old TCs to get the weather from that period. The highs in Idyllwild were in the 40s when he went into surgery. Over the next two days, Idyllwild received 4.75 inches of snow.

By the time he almost crawled up that cafe deck a week later, the highs were in the low 70s and continued to progress throughout March into the high 70s and low 80s with no moisture until some rain in the first part of April.

I glance through the stories throughout 2004 and they tell the same stories of drought, wildfire and bugs destroying trees.As long as we decide to live in an arid forest, we must accept a lifestyle different than from where we may have come before. Preparation, conservation are key.