Idyllwild's walking library, Marge Muir, was taken to Eisenhower Medical Center last night and is awaiting possible surgery on a broken left hip.

Her daughter, Kathy Muir, who lives with Marge in Pine Cove, said her mother was sitting in the living room at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, when some large raccoons came up on the porch, causing her border collies to become excited and bark. Marge ran to see the raccoons, who usually don’t come up on the porch, Kathy said, and one of the excited dogs collided full-force with Marge. Kathy said Marge was thrown up in the air and landed hard enough on the floor to shake the house.

Kathy said her Mom said, “I broke something this time.” The dog licked her face.

Idyllwild Fire transported Marge, who is 80-plus years young, to Eisenhower Medical Center where she is in good spirits and being kept pain-free. She’s not mad at the dogs, Kathy said.