I was reading the article William wrote and I must say that if we change the age to get a license for motorcycles — which I don’t disagree with — then we should change it for driving a car as well. Kids ages 16 to 21 have more crashes then adults.

Three of the last four crashes have been sport bikes. These bikes have way too much power and are not expensive to purchase. That tells me that the parents either buy them for their kid or help them with the purchase somehow.

I think that Thibodeaux should be treated no different than they would treat any person who crosses the double-yellow line, whether on a bike or in a car. I have had cars pass me on a double-yellow line when we have been out riding because they are impatient when I am going the speed posted.

I have seen cars weaving because the driver is texting or on the phone. What do we do about them?

Why did he cross the line? Was he speeding? Was there gravel on the road still because Caltrans had not cleaned it up yet? Was it a combination of things that caused it?

I think that if these kids want bikes they should have to go through a very extensive training course so they can be taught the right way, just like they have to do when learning to drive a car. This might at least educate these young kids.

The one thing you fail to point out is how many car crashes there are on the Hill. They are all caused by people who do not know how to drive the mountain roads.

We tell every biker who comes into our shop to please ride within your means and to stay on your side of the road. To please be safe. Please, we also need to ask the drivers of the cars not to tailgate a bike because if we have to stop, you will hit us from behind. We all need to respect one another on the road.

Kathy Rockwell, Idyllwild