The new Banning Justice Center will open to the public Monday, May 4. The new courthouse is located at 311 E. Ramsey Street.

It will house four trial courtrooms, one large traffic and small claims courtroom, one large arraignment courtroom, in-custody holding cells, jury assembly space, a staff training room, clerks’ offices, public-service windows, judicial chambers, jury deliberation rooms and judicial library/conference rooms.

The center replaces an existing and over-crowded nearby two-courtroom facility that long ago outgrew the needs of the community. Increased caseload was far beyond the capacity of two courtrooms and two judges.

The new courthouse is designed to achieve a certification in accordance with sustainability requirements from the United States Green Building Council. Also, design using the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design helped shape the landscape and site work. Strategic placement of integrated concrete benches and a formal stepped platform further enhance security in and around the courthouse.

Court operations will begin at 7:30 a.m., May 4. Law enforcement and other public agencies previously appearing in or citing to the old Banning Court should plan to redirect services to the new justice center. Jurors called for service on that day should also plan accordingly.