Here when we think we’re headed into summer months, precipitation and a drop in temperature brought snow to the mountains last Friday.

You know the old saying up here that snow is still likely until after Mother’s Day? That holds true for many years but not all. I can remember a year when we had snow the first week of June.

And the National Weather Service is predicting a 70 percent chance of precipitation with potential for a thunderstorm later this week. If temperatures drop enough, we could see snow again.

Jack and I awoke to thunder and pouring rain in Coronado last Friday. That never dampens my spirits, still being a Florida girl at heart and growing up in a humid climate.

We attended the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s annual Press Summit. Big news at the event was the Union-Tribune’s sale to the LA Times. Jeff Light, U-T publisher who already was scheduled to speak the day of the announcement, took our questions directly.

I serve on the CNPA Board of Directors, along with Light. I’ve seen several publishers over the years lose their seats on that board because of  mergers, firings, etc.

Light was not named publisher of the U-T in this recent sale. Someone asked if  he will have a job. He didn’t know. When we meet again in July, someone else may be seated in his place.

And that’s just the state of things in the newspaper business, just as the state of news at the summit seemed to focus heavily on the drought.

Winning entries in the Better Newspapers Contest overwhelmingly covered the drought.

So bring on the moisture. It’s a welcome relief.

Becky Clark, Editor